Polyurathene Coated Fibre Glass Sleeving

Fiberglass Sleeving Impregnated with Polyurethane varnish is used where reliable heat resistance & Dielectric Strength is required, fiberglass braiding is coated with multiple layers of polyurethane varnish & then cured at high temperature to form Fiberglass Sleeving Coated with Polyurethane.

Polyurethane coated fiberglass sleeving is thermo set to provide safety. It provides excellent wiring insulation and softness for F grade electrical instruments and domestic appliances.

Product Name : Fiber glass sleeving impregnated with polyurethane

Thermal Class: “H” & “F”

Thermal Specifications: 155° C

Unique Properties:

  • Combustible in nature
  • Good compatibility with class F impregnation varnishes
  • Resistance to oils
  • Excellent resistance to ageing

Typical applications:

  • Electro mechanical industries Wiring
  • Harness Electrical Instruments
  • Electrical class ´F´ motors

Inner Diameter: 1MM to 60 MM.

Wall Thickness: As per customer requirements

Break Down Voltage Range: From lkV to 8kV

Colors: Natural, Black, Yellow, Red & Blue. Other colors subject to availability.

Length : Continuous or One Meter Length

Compliant Standards:
EEC 60684-3

Shelf life:
2 Years