Fibre Glass Cables

We feel pleasure to introduce ourselves as a fast growing manufacturer and exporter of glass fiber cables, fiberglass cables and fiberglass insulated cable. Fabricated from finest grade of materials, these cables comply with set ISO benchmarks and resist to moisture, chemical, flames and other harmful factors. Our glass fiber cables find application in motors, transformers as lead wire and at places where conventional PVC wire is unsuitable. These fiberglass cables, glass fibre cable and fiberglass insulated cable are available in different lengths as per the specifications laid down by our clients.

Tear Resistant: The structure of insulation is oriented biaxially. Propagation of tears is difficult. Uniaxial orientatior makes it easy to tearthe insulation along the axis of wire.

Dielectric Strength: The multiple layer construction of Mylar insures high dielectric quality of insulation. Any flaw is limitec to a single layer of the tap. The wrapping and braiding process places the insulation concentricall) around the conductor and does not force it into the interstices between the conductor.

Higher Cut Trough and Abrasion Resistant: Polywin RATSOLF insulation is remarkable resistant to cut through and scrap abrassion. Thin cross sectiom of Mylar 0.004" to 0.007" thick will endure greater cut through stress and general abuse than 0.010' to 0.020" of insulation such as PVC jacketed PVC and others.

High Tensile Strength: RATSOLF insulation adds significantly to the tensile strength of the insulated conductor though the mechanism of load transfer because the insulation has such a superior break strength. It will support the wire at each point where excessive stretching occurs. Wire insulated with conventional materials will break since there is no support from the insulation.

Working Temperature: For short periods + 150° C. Continuous - 40°C. to +130° C.

Higher Flexilife: The insulation is produced by synthetic film and fibre. It has very high flex life in comparison to any other insulating materials.

Conductor: Bunched/Stranded Tinned/Bare Copper as per IS: 8130-1976, Class-5

Insulation: Mylar(Biaxially oriented PTP film) 100 wrapped & Laminated with Fibreglass outer braid and overall coating of Insulating Vamishes.

Working Voltage: 600/11 00 Volts A.C.R.M.S.

Colours: Red, yellow, Blue, Green, Black. Natural White